Videorover Season 8 NURTURE ART Non- Profit, NY

Curated by Rachel Steinberg
Friday June 27th 7-9pm

Opening on June 27, the third installation involves artists Dave Greber, Derek G. Larson, and Sofia Quirno. Relating again to the idea of reconfiguration, this time through humor, these works transform the gallery into an almost unrelatable space. Deeply rooted in the uncanny, these works borrow from the sensibilities of painterly abstraction to create a space of overwhelming stimulus. Confronting us with a cocktail of comic absurdity and mundane but somehow chaotic repetition, we are presented with the more vibrant potential of video.

Image: Dave Greber, 'Stilllives II: Vignette," 2014. HD video, TRT 3:55 min. loop