Videorover Season 8 NURTURE ART Non- Profit, NY

Curated by Rachel Steinberg
Friday June 27th 7-9pm

Opening on June 27, the third installation involves artists Dave Greber, Derek G. Larson, and Sofia Quirno. Relating again to the idea of reconfiguration, this time through humor, these works transform the gallery into an almost unrelatable space. Deeply rooted in the uncanny, these works borrow from the sensibilities of painterly abstraction to create a space of overwhelming stimulus. Confronting us with a cocktail of comic absurdity and mundane but somehow chaotic repetition, we are presented with the more vibrant potential of video.

On the occasion of the third opening, NURTUREart will also present: OTHER AUTHOR, a live performance by Derek G. Larson and his puppet, which narrates a story in front of projected video. The puppet wears a white oxford shirt, no pants, high socks and watches the video from its laptop. The video is of two young men living in the Swiss Alps as they hike wearing only white oxford shirts, no pants, high black socks and carrying laptops. They’re searching to find whether they are best friends or the same person. The puppet watches and wonders if this was a video he’d taken of them, or if he is one of the men in the video, or both of them. This project was created while in residence at the European Graduate School in Saas Fee Switzerland.


NURTUREart's Videorover: Season 8 is curated by Rachel Steinberg and features works by artists Dave Greber, Victoria Keddie, Derek G. Larson, Brendan Lee, Beatriz Meseguer, Sofia Quirno, Alona Rodeh, Adam Douglas Thompson and Raul Valverde. Videorover, NURTUREart’s dedicated video program, aims at becoming an ever-expanding forum for emerging and underrepresented artists working in video.

This season’s video works explore the idea of video as installation, highlighting the immersive potential that time based media hold. Through audio and visual tools and using the body as a reference point, this exhibition aims to interrupt our exteroceptive senses. For three weeks in June, Videorover: Season 8 will take over NURTUREart’s main gallery space; opening in shifts for a series of three consecutive installations. Each installation will feature three of the selected artists, to allow for the works to expand in the space, while still in dialogue with the larger group of works.

Image: Dave Greber, 'Stilllives II: Vignette," 2014. HD video, TRT 3:55 min. loop

The Set, 23 East Gallery, Parsons The New School of Design, NY

Group show with Luciana Pinchiero, Matt Whitman y Julie Laenkholm

una serendipia - GALERIA COBRA

curaduria de Christian y Cata Lopez Imizcoz

Tapeando - La Pan, Barcelona


                                                            soñe que podía espiar el cielo

Un día sin lluvia - Paseo Cultural Carlos Nuñez

Curada por Leonel Luna



Hay gato encerrado. ThisIsnotAGallery

Curada por Carlos Baragli

Segundo Video Encuentro Proyectista - Colombia, Argentina.

25 de noviembre a las 19hs. en la Oficina Proyectista, Peru 84 6º piso Oficina 82.

La programación estará a cargo de Diego Piñeros García – Colombia -, Eugenia Hernandez y La Copia Infiel (Carolina Andreetti y Toia Bonino) – Argentina.

Se mostrarán videos de Silvana Mancini -Carlos Montaña - Mariangelà Magaquiàn, Romina Rod, - Mariana Rojas - Gulliermina Bustos - Diego Gomez - Matias Corrias - Alejandra Rincon - Juan Paz - Colectivo Zunga (Ana Maria Villate, Lorena Morris, Natalia Leubro, Karla Moreno) - Silvana Staudinger - Juan Pablo Rodrigues - Marcos Oviedo - Andres Felipe Uribe - Guadalupe Guerrero - Paola Michaels - Valentina Cuello- Raquel Solorzano - Laura Colombo - Maria Angelica Madero - Pamela de la Vega - Diego Piñeros Garcia- Maria Marta Fasoli - Sergio Alvarez - Sofía Quirno – Mariangeles Blanco - Cristina Coll – Toia Bonino – La Mudadora – Caro Andreetti.

Estado del tiempo - Galeria Bisagra

collage y pintura s/ la pared